Clear Page offer an open and transparent pricing structure for our services. Our basic charge is £250 for a basic website with up to 6 pages, then £50 a page after that. This covers site design, build and upload. It does not cover hosting or email fees.

We can offer advice on hosting packages and can setup on your behalf if necessary. Any hosting and email fees will be passed directly back to you 'at cost'. As a rough guide, to buy a domain name, host a website and have a small number of bespoke site-driven email addresses, we wouldn't expect the fixed hosting costs to be much more than £75 a year, and could quite easily be much less.

After design approval (provided free by Clear Page), we will not proceed with any coding or upload any pages until payment is received.

The initial spend will get your site online and working with full support and updates for 12 months. After that, a fixed fee of £100 a year for maintenance, payable at the beginning of each year with invoicing in month 11 of the year before.

If you already have a website and feel that it is over-priced, doesn't represent your business adequately, is clunky and difficult to navigate, or has left you feeling like you've been over-baffled with web jargon, then we can also look at your site and will consider updating or improving it on an individually priced basis. Contact Us and provide a link to your site to start discussions.

So What Pages Might You Need?

Here's a few suggestions;Website5

This suggested list is far from set in stone apart from a Home Page which must be one of your initial 6 pages. You decide what it is that you want and need and we will do our best to accommodate.