Site Design

Clear Page aim to offer a simple, clean, bespoke web page design process. We won't normally get involved in database driven forums, secure shopping cart transactions, Flash movies, extensive product catalogues or online ordering systems, and you should ask yourself if you really need these functions on your site.

Website1We can however offer some product images with details and simple descriptions, and offer a phone number for your potential clients to call. After all, there is a swell of purchasing opinion that likes the 'personal' touch when buying, so why not use this to your advantage with your customers.

We want to get your company, society or club's information across to your viewing public in an honest and informative manner. We can load up factual documents, maybe terms & conditions, or club rules, into Adobe Acrobat pdf format for your viewers to click on and save locally at will. Don't worry if you can't produce pdf files yourself. We can - just send it through in almost any digital format and we will do the conversion for you.

We can help with domain hosting and set up dedicated email accounts to suit your needs at cost, or use your own existing domain details. We are as flexible as you are.

Once you request our web design service, we will talk with you personally about what you need and how you wish to present your product or service. We will then produce an initial site preview and offer it to you for your consideration. We can then discuss and amend the results and hopefully reach an agreement to move forwards. Only at this stage will you be requested to make a payment. Please go to the Prices page for our costs.

Website8What We Need From You:

In order to make your website as effective and efficient as possible, you need to decide what information you want to offer to the world, and how you want to present it. We can offer advice on these things, but at the end of the day, it's your business or society and only you know how best to describe it.

The best websites start with good content - i.e. it's better to start with the content, then build a site around it, than start with a great looking site and then try to fill it with waffle, just for the sake of filling the pages.

We will also need any specific content such as logos, photos and relevant commercial documents, all in as high a quality as possible, and almost any format. If you don't have a logo, then maybe we can come up with one for you?